Education Fund

The LCARS Education Fund was established to provide Amateur Radio education materials and training to all members of the community, with special focus on public service and youth programs, book donations to public librarys, training materials for classes, and free Amateur Radio license classes to the public.

Infrastructure Support


Amateur Operators own and maintain their own equipment, and provide that equipment for use in time of need, and as a matter of law, can never accept compensation for those vital services. There are many locations that would benifit from having equipment pre-installed, as back-up, or support communications. such as county EOC centers, fire and rescue stations, law enforcement offices, emergency shelters, and mobile command post. Our goal is to be able to provide the equipment and trained personel to cover these types of locations in time of an emergency.

Event Support


Events are a time to get together to practice our radio skills, learn from each other, teach others, or sometimes even swap, trade, or sell some extra gear we have collected.  These events are also a time to meet and visit new friends. All of our events are always open to the public, even our business meetings, ( you just dont get to vote on business unless you are a member, Sorry ), but you are more than welcome to stop by. All we ask is that you have a desire to help you community and help spread the word about or mission.


Leslie Kubasek




P.O. Box 5

Brodnax, Va. 23920


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Please note on paypal site if you would like your gift to go to a specific fund, and don't forget to print a copy for your taxes